3rd mapping appointment confidence!

By the time my 3rd mapping appointment came I was used to going there and back on my own as my husband stayed behind to look after our girls. I decided that I didn’t want to bored in a room anymore and thought I should enjoy my new me, so I started travelling around theContinue reading “3rd mapping appointment confidence!”

Sunday Reflection Post #1

I would like to use my Sunday posts not for my journey only but to reflect on everything, and helping you guys get to know and understand me a bit more. Writing the last few posts has been emotional to say the least, reliving those amazing, wonderful memories have made me tear up and feelContinue reading “Sunday Reflection Post #1”

Meeting some new friends and fun during activation day.

Whilst I was in UK we stayed in a goverment funded home away from home. On previous trips we had a hard time seeing and meeting other people using the facilities due to covid-19. During my activation days though we were very fortunate to meet an amazing group of people. Even though all who attendContinue reading “Meeting some new friends and fun during activation day.”