Growth and Life Experiences!

Hey guys I know I know it’s been a while, life has been crazy busy and so many changes in the last few months that have kept me on my toes, LITERALLY!!

I want to talk a little about growth today. What does growth mean to you guys on a personal level? For me it means growing as person and becoming a better and sharper version of you. Which surprisingly is what I have been working on the last few months. The cochlear implant has opened up such a new way of life that it’s hard to not just want to enjoy it. I’ve been working on becoming a healthier me, visiting the gym, going out with friends at every possible chance and just enjoying being around sound and people. I’m closer to my friends now more than ever as I’m truly engaging with them and not hiding away in my home. I’m enjoying meals out at restaurants and just enjoying conversations with everyone.

Now for those that have read my previous posts know that this time last year things were not this way. I was in a state of severe anxiety and depression which had isolated me and confined me to my house. I wanted nothing to do with people much less look at them in fear that they would strike a conversation I could not keep up with or understand due to masks. Masks are still a big issue for me as I am still adjusting to life with the cochlear implant but when they are not involved conversations flow and I am hearing more and more each day. Life is loud. ha didn’t think I would ever use those words. But it is. Sometimes as I am still adjusting it can be just a little too loud and do find myself needing breaks so that I can calm myself down.

In new developments in my latest appointment with my audiologist I was told to reintroduce my hearing aid in my left ear as to help me balance things out. It is so different hearing with a hearing aid to a cochlear implant at least it is for me, and find that I am unbalanced still but then again it’s early days. I am just so grateful that I can now take part of different experiences and share them with those I love. I’m finding myself slowly being the old me and I can honestly say that I am grateful to be able to wake up every day put on my cochlear implant and see what the day holds for me. Don’t get me wrong Im still having my bad days just as any one else but slowly the good is overtaking the bad.

So if you see me do wave, do stop and say hello, tell me how well you see me because trust me you will never know what those words mean to me. Because for a long time I wanted nothing more than that. Tell me about how things are with you, ask me about my device and how it has changed my world because there is nothing that means more to me than to share my journey with you all. And to grow, experience things and finally just enjoy you guys!! My friends and family have been my rock with the whole journey and I couldn’t have done it without them. My kids they’ve just been outstanding with it all, it amazes me every day how resilient kids are and how quickly they adapt to new things. I’m proud of them too because it has been a crazy year if alot of changes and they have muscled on and made everything amazing and worthwhile for me.

Keep shining everyone and grow, become a better version of you, work hard, make time for those you love and for yourself and above all have experiences and memories with them,, those will stay with you forever! REMEMBER YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Lunch dates!
Shine and be happy!
Holiday 2021
Lunch dates!
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Holiday 2021
Friends making memories
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Holiday mode 2021 hubby and me!

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