3rd mapping appointment confidence!

By the time my 3rd mapping appointment came I was used to going there and back on my own as my husband stayed behind to look after our girls. I decided that I didn’t want to bored in a room anymore and thought I should enjoy my new me, so I started travelling around the area and found a gym that had pay as you go sessions. I thought to myself this was a new experience and a new chance to really get out there and listen to some more sounds to learn them. I attended a few times during the week that I was there.

When I went to see my audiologist we did some more mapping and adjustments to my cochlear implant sound processor which included 4 new settings, 1: scan but in other words this setting is for every day use 2: 1 to 1 which is for when I’m in a conversation with another person and I want to concentrate solely on that person and what they’re saying 3: cafe which is for when I’m with more than one person, the microphone in my processor will turn and adjust according to the person talking to me. 4: music (my fav so far) which is precisely for what the name says music. At this stage the audiologist also added some other perks for me as this would be the trip that I would be away from her for longer than 2 weeks so she added the forward focus perk which blocks out all other noises except that which I’m concentrating on, she also gave me full access to the app through my fone which allows me to adjust volume,treble and bass. After this appointment as usual I saw the speak therapist who did the excersises with me and also gave me work to do whilst I was back home for a longer period. On continuation of this I saw my surgeon who checked everything was well with me, addressed any concerns and gave me the all clear for this stage of the process and congratulated me on my hard work and told me that he would see me further along to check the progress but that medically and surgically I was all clear.

Due to the covid situation I could not fly back straight away and had another 3 days to kill before I got home so this woman decided to brave it and booked herself to see the natural history museum and the science museum. (Pics will be included). I had such an amazing time at both these museums not only because of what I saw and experiences but because I felt so independent and confident that I was doing it alone. I pressed every single talking button possible just to test my new implant. Because I am still hearing robotic voices and noises I didn’t hear everything but I did hear alot more than I had heard in a long time. I still struggled with the masks so whenever a member of staff talked to me I politely told them that I was deaf and had just recently had the implant fitted so needed them to lower they’re masks so I could lip read and awnser them, I have to say they were quite accomodating and brilliant with it and even got a few congratulations from them which was lovley. I explored all the exhibits at both mususems and when I left although exhausted I was so proud of what I had achieved that day. I had gone out on my own in a very busy London, had listened and practiced my listening through the button pressing and story telling anddd I had been around people and for the first time in a really long time hadn’t shied away from it. I was absolutely in love with the new me, the me that was confident and not afraid to share herself with people and try new things. It’s a day I will not forget ever because I finally found me a little more. I hope you all enjoy the pictures of my big adventure because it really is a very proud moment for me. Now who knows what adventures the next time I’m back for mapping will bring…….

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