Sunday Reflection Post #1

I would like to use my Sunday posts not for my journey only but to reflect on everything, and helping you guys get to know and understand me a bit more.

Writing the last few posts has been emotional to say the least, reliving those amazing, wonderful memories have made me tear up and feel the same joy that I have experienced on those occasions. My journey is not EASY, and I have a lot of work that i have to do to be able to achieve the best possible results with the cochlear implant device. it takes time and dedication but also a lot of determination. Determination is something I definitely have, I want this to work, this implant is my last chance at hearing so I will do everything in my power to make it work. I am beyond grateful for all the opportunities I am receiving and cannot wait to see what else my journey brings me.

Reflecting on everyone and everything in my life I truly see how blessed I am but not only now but before all this, my family and friends have supported me in every way possible throughout the years. they have cried with me, laughed with me, shared my frustrations but also my blessings. I am lucky to have such people around me for the good, bad and ugly. My children since an early age have had to learn about mummy’s deafness and have had to adapt themselves to accommodate me, since they were young they were taught that I needed clear concise words out of them for the sake of lip reading, they were taught that they had to alert me if there was a knock on the door or the telephone rang, if someone spoke to me etc. My husband he had to adapt too, learn to deal with his own frustrations at times. My friends they are just amazing they have taken all this and more on board and have not once let me feel like I’m not a part of them or their lives, they include me in anything and everything. I could not be more grateful for that. They have not once said I can’t be something or do something I put my mind too.

With it being the hard times we are all experiencing we should all be grateful for the things we do have, love a little more and cherish and remember those no longer with us. Life is a rollercoaster but it up to us to get on it and ride and enjoy the experience to the fullest, it is too short for anything else than to find some happiness in all we do. It has taken me a long long time to get here and into this frame of mind but I want to wake up every morning and just be grateful for another chance at breathing and learning and sharing things and especially sharing things with those close to me.

HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE!! Hug those close to you and be thankful and grateful for them. I know I will.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection Post #1

  1. This adventure demands patience and perseverance. Well done for your determination, and for your intention to maintain a positive attitude. Practice makes… if not perfect, at least a lot better. The best is yet to come.

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