Meeting some new friends and fun during activation day.

Whilst I was in UK we stayed in a goverment funded home away from home. On previous trips we had a hard time seeing and meeting other people using the facilities due to covid-19. During my activation days though we were very fortunate to meet an amazing group of people. Even though all who attend Calpe house are there for medical reasons sometimes meeting and making a new friend can make the experience seem less daunting. We were lucky on this trip and met an amazing bunch of people. People who would become good friends to us in our time there. People who would often include us in having coffees or a smoking break for a chat. These were the people that got to experience my joy first after the activation.

Once we got back to calpe house we informed everyone of our return and they came to meet us, they asked about how it had all gone and it was Thier voices I got to hear first after the audiologist and my husband. The sounds were incredible to me, everyone participated in seeing what I could hear and in my joy of what that day meant to me. I will forever be grateful for Thier warmth and kindness during this important stage of my journey. To this day we all stay in touch and I’ve seen them a few times since and they really do hold a special place in my heart and always will.

My husband had decided that we would take a stroll in the famous Hyde park so that I could experience some new sounds, so we got changed and off we went, I was listening so hard trying to absorb as much of everything as I possibly could. I heard the scraping of my feet against the ground, the crunching of the leaves beneath my feet, horses were galloping and birds were signing. I was in complete awe at all these sounds. I have to say I laughed and giggled so much on the leaves crunching one that I had to keep repeating the sound over and over again. I felt like a child in a new environment full off new toys and a huge playground to play in. I kept telling me husband I can hear that, oh but I heard this, oh again I heard that and laughing my way away. At one point we sat down with a drink just to soak in everything when my head suddenly turned and he asked me if I’d heard the sound, I had but I was unable to recognize what made the sound in the first place, so he explained and showed me that it was in fact a bird making the sound, my smile was hugeee, I had HEARD that.

I was loving hearing my husbands voice so much( how long will that last? Hahaha). It was such an important day for me to be able to experience this. The audiologist was right though I mean the whole process can take anywhere between a year to 18 months to be at your best hearing capacity so it is a long journey and not an overnight one, so there was alot I couldn’t hear or couldn’t make out. Certain words my husband and people spoke were also hard for me to hear and that will take time but I was hearing more that day than I had in so long, so I did not let what I couldn’t hear get me down as the change had been so much that precisely that is all I could think about, I was thinking about what I COULD hear.

I knew I still had a long way to go but for that day, what I did have was enough and I was taking it ALL in……….. I had been welcomed into the world of hearing!!!

Hyde Park
Enjoying New Sounds.

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