The Road To Recovery

The week after the surgery was not the easiest of things to go through, I was quite dizzy, vomiting all the time and whenever I changed positions I would get very light headed. If my body decided I had done too much that day then my legs wouldn’t work, so I spent a lot of time in bed trying to figure out the most comfortable position possible. My head felt heavy and sore. 

I would occasionally take short walks to the garden in front of the building I was staying at to get some air and stability in my feet, but nothing strenuous as I would usually need to recover for the next 24 hours because of it. 

I was fortunate to have a family member visit me during this time and it was such a relief to have that as it boosted me up seeing them. 

10 days post op I went to have my stitches removed and to have a check up on the surgery, I met a wonderful staff nurse who removed my stitches and checked the incision wound. According to the nurse everything looked great and I was truly on the way to recovery. I was told I could not fly for another 3.5 weeks so I couldn’t go home just yet. To be honest, as much as i wanted to come back home to Gibraltar i was still in no condition to fly.  Me and my husband spent the next few weeks trying to get me into the best condition possible to go back home to our 2 girls. I knew that soon I would be reunited with them and 2 weeks after that I would come back to turn on the device. 

My first time back home from surgery was surreal. Meeting my girls, my dad and my cousin at the airport was emotional for me as I had never been away from them so long. It felt Amazing to be home but somehow selfishly maybe I couldn’t count down the days hard enough to fly back to get my device turned on.  Those 2 weeks at home were hard as some days were still better than others and I still needed help, i remember one day feeling so unwell I had to call my mother to pick up my girls from school as I just couldn’t handle getting out of bed. But soon over those 2 weeks I managed to pick myself up and deal with life. I knew and was ready for the good days and the bad days. Everything was explained to me clearly by the team.  I was experiencing short term numbness on the side of my head and face which I was told would go between then and 6 months, so would the ‘EPISODES’ as I called them of dizziness and vomiting. 

Soon June 6th came around and it was time to head back for my turn on. And before we get into this please believe me that this was one of  the BEST moments in my entire life. All the struggles, tears, frustration and pain had led me to this moment. It was finally time to welcome me back into the hearing world again, however small that change would be. I knew it was more than I had had in a very long time.

So we boarded that plane and took off to the next part of my hearing journey…………………….

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