April 2021

On the 29th of April 2021 I went in to the new hospital that now houses the cochlear implant clinics to have my surgery. Eastman dental hospital!!

I travelled to the new hospital and unfortunately because of covid-19 I went on my own without my husband. Which in itself was another inconvenience of Covid as I had to go through all this alone and without anyone being by my side, especially as my husband had waited for this day as much as I had. The admissions team was amazing in every sense of the way and as they knew I was deaf were extra friendly and made extra sure I understood and was in the loop the entire time. Once inside the pre op area I was thoroughly asked questions about my health that could possibly influence the surgery. I spoke with the anaesthesiologist, the team and nurses who would be looking after me for the next 5 hours in surgery.  I had blood pressure taken, got a venflon on for drips etc just in case. After about an hour and once all questions had been asked and answered they wheeled me into the theatre. I remember talking to everyone and I met a lovely nurse who had been here in Gibraltar helping through the pandemic and had just returned to the UK to continue working over there. I just asked for one minute before they started to add the anesthesia. I got really emotional as I suddenly really realised this was it, the moment I had fought so long for, 5 years of fighting and this was it. I asked for that minute so I could be grateful that I was finally doing it. I had a good cry whilst a lovely nurse who must have known how much it meant to me held my hand. They just let me let it all out and once I was ready I took a deep breath and lied down and said ‘let’s do this’.

About 5 hours later I awoke from the surgery…… Yes I looked like a smurf except I wasn’t blue jajaja 😂

Once I had woken up I asked for something to eat and a drink, go to the toilet and for someone to call my husband to let him know that I was awake again, the lovely nurse said in a joking funny way  to me ” so which one we going to do first, can’t do them all? What order are we going in” and we suddenly both burst into a laugh.” I replied okay toilet first, then some food and drink and whilst doing that I will call my husband and let him know everything went well”. I was in pain but the pain relief they must have provided me through surgery was pretty good and was helping me manage my pain. At about 7.30 pm I was told I could go home if I wished and I instantly jumped at the chance as all I really wanted was to be with my husband, I was feeling unwell and just needed him around to hug me and make me feel better. We called him and he came to pick me up to take me back to the place we had been staying in to recover.

That first night I was told to expect dizziness and unbalance and some nausea which true to Their words was exactly how I spent my first night. I could hardly walk from the dizziness and any sudden movements made me feel awfully sick to the point of throwing up. My husband would often help me and carry me to and from the toilet and this would go on for the next few days.  I was in pain and unwell but I still felt grateful that the worst of it was done and now only the best things were about to happen.  I had been told that my turn on date would be June 8th.  But still I had to wait a few weeks to heal and get steady.

What would the next few weeks bring? How would recovery go? …………… Let’s see.

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